Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
for Cities, Commercials and Industry

We advise owners of large properties (commercial, industrial) and urban districts (cities, settlements) on reducing CO2 emissions through energy efficiency and renewable energies.

Opera houses, hospitals, airports, high-rise buildings, shopping centers, industrial productions, … We have been successfully implementing large-scale projects for over 30 years, including several award-winning projects.

We are based in Istanbul, Turkey.
We work for clients in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Winfried Haas

Dipl. Ing. Winfried Haas,
Founder and Owner

Goal: Significant reduction in CO2 emissions


  • Commercial and service buildings, as office tower, hospitals, shopping malls, data center
  • public properties
  • districts, urban quarter
  • energy self suficient villages
  • Resorts
  • Bio energy villages

Winfried Haas has been managing energy and CO2 reduction projects for businesses, public customers and industry for over 30 years.

These include several award-winning projects.

In various management positions (authorized signatory, department and project manager) at market-leading German energy service providers, he has managed complex large-scale projects for energy efficiency and renewable energies since 1991.

Since 2022: International energy consulting and engineering. Istanbul, Turkey

Consulting & Engineering

I offer services for all phases of a project, from the initial considerations to feasibility, rough and detailed analyses, economic analyses, design and implementation supervision, as well as post-implementation support and optimization. This includes

  • Feasability studies for renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Energy audits
  • Consulting for Energy Performance and Renewable Energy Contracting
  • Energiemanagement ISO 50001
  • Project supervision
  • Design and tender
  • International Conulting

CO2 Reduction Projects
without own investment (Energy Performance Contracting)

For cities and companies that want to improve their carbon footprint but do not want to burden their equity or budget, I offer the following services:

1. initial consultation:

How can you achieve guaranteed savings without making your own investments?

Is your property suitable for energy performance contracting or energy supply contracting?

What results can you expect? What is the procedure?

2. Implementation consulting

I support you in the implementation of the contracting project, from the tender to the successful realization.


In my 30 years of professional experience, I have been involved in many major carbon emissions reducing projects. Below you will find some examples, including award-winning projects, like. Green Building Partner Award. Read more →

Renewable energy solutions

Renewable heat generation for commercial and production sites, solar district heating, green energy villages and quarters

Energy Efficiency

Reduction of energy consumption (gas, eletricity, heat) for productions sites, residential compounds and commercial buildings
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International Energy Consulting

International energy consulting - Short and long term expert for international assignments, e.g. in USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Afrika.