Headquarter and production site of Danfoss-Group in Nordborg, Danmark

Energy audit for the production site

Winfried Haas and his team have proceeded an energy audit for the entire production site with several production halls. This included the heat, power and cooling supply, HVAC-Systems, control systems, building automation, cooling plants, electrical drives, compressed air systems, and the lighting system.

Residential Quarter St. Annen, Brandenburg/Havel

Heat supply of the quarter with biomass

Project development of the heat  supply for the residential quarter with 400 apartments by a biomass heating station.

District Heating System of the city Lindow (Mark)

Operation of the district heating system with heat generation by biomass

Winfried Haas and his team have operated the district heating system of the city Lindow (Mark). This included the heat supply of residential customers (apartment blocks, housing), commercial customers and public properties. The heat generation has  been proceeded by two heating stations: one station with conventional fuels, and one heating station with biomass fuel.

Public Hospital Tauberbischofsheim

Reduction of CO2-emissions by a cogenerating plant

Project management for the extension of the existing heat generation by a new heating station with two cogeneration plants.

Townhouse Quarter Prenzlauer Gärten, Berlin

low CO2 heat- and power-supply with cogeneration plant

Project management for the installation and operation of the heat and power generation  for the townhouse compound. This included the project and team management for the design, planning, installation, operation and maintenance.